Grant Stone

What’s the Best Service Boot for Your Budget?

For more than the last decade, the Service Boot has been one of the most popular styles of footwear available. Getting it’s name from servicemembers of the military, the Service Boot is a military-inspired piece of footwear at it’s core. That being said, over time we’ve seen changes and improvements that make these boots better for every day life.

Grant Stone Cap Toe in Forest Kudu: Casual Cap Toe

When it comes to the Grant Stone Cap Toe in Forest Kudu, you need to start with the leather. Perhaps most importantly, this is real kudu. Where some manufacturers use “kudu” to describe their oiled calf leather – a description I’ll never understand – Grant Stone uses it to describe leather that comes from, well, a kudu.

Grant Stone Tassel Loafer: A Perfect Combination?

Today, Grant Stone is most associated with their boots. That’s always struck me as a bit unfortunate. With my own passion for tassel loafers, I thought there might be value in doing a bit of a deeper dive into this shoe. To see – are the Tassel Loafers getting the short end of the stick? Or, should the brand shift it’s focus entirely to their boot line?

Grant Stone Edward Maduro: Cigar Showdown?

For such a young company, Grant Stone has made quite a name for themselves. In fact, if you’re into nicer footwear, you almost certainly own a pair of shoes that are older than the company. Founded in 2016, Grant Stone went from making a small number of models – mostly focused on loafers and bluchers – to offering 12 different make ups in countless leathers. Their most famous might just be this, the Grant Stone Edward.