What’s the Best Service Boot for Your Budget?

For more than the last decade, the Service Boot has been one of the most popular styles of footwear available. Getting it’s name from servicemembers of the military, the Service Boot is a military-inspired piece of footwear at it’s core. That being said, over time we’ve seen changes and improvements that make these boots better for every day life.

Viberg Engineer Boots: Out of My Comfort Zone?

Viberg as a brand has been covered here several times in the past. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about them, click here. However, while Viberg’s history is well known, their engineer boot history isn’t.  One of the first to produce this was a collab for Himel Bros., that is fairly well know. However, it might surprise you to hear that Viberg has had this pattern since 2014. That’s only three years after their famous service boot in the 2030 last was widely available.

Viberg Service Boots in Workshoe Butt: All Hype?

Viberg Service Boots almost need no introduction. After breaking onto the scene during the Americana/workwear craze around 10 years ago, they have been the yardstick that many others are graded on. Since that time, countless others from the pacific northwest have followed suit – White’s, Nick’s, and others owe much of their recent success to Viberg.