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Alden Indy 405: Are They Really Worth $600?

The Alden Indy is a boot that needs no introduction. It’s been a staple in Alden’s line up for so long that nobody seems to be certain on exactly when they first released it. The only reference to its history on Alden’s website is that it uses the “Foot Balance” system introduced before the 1970s.

Alden Indy 405 x J Crew: Out of the Box

In doing research for this post, one thing really stood out. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the rise (and sometimes fall) of a number of really impressive bootmaker brands: Viberg, Truman, Oak Street Bootmakers, Grant Stone, etc., however these brands are not really compared all that often. Whenever someone posts a review, the question that comes up is almost always “How does it compare to the Alden Indy?”