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Alden Indy 405: Are They Really Worth $600?

The Alden Indy is a boot that needs no introduction. It’s been a staple in Alden’s line up for so long that nobody seems to be certain on exactly when they first released it. The only reference to its history on Alden’s website is that it uses the “Foot Balance” system introduced before the 1970s.

Alden Unlined LHS in Shell: Simply the Best?

The Alden Leisure Hand Sewn, or LHS for short, has a bit of a cult following, particularly in the “trad” or “ivy” community. It’s considered the end goal or grail for a lot of people. However, even among the range of $500+ loafers in the LHS line, one in particular stands out to the navy blazer wearing crowd – the unlined shell cordovan model.
Perhaps fittingly, while the lined shell model is available at almost every Alden retailer, the unlined version has traditionally been exclusively offered at another brand associated with the navy blazer, Brooks Brothers. In fact, the shoe wasn’t even branded as an Alden, instead featuring the Brooks Brothers logo throughout and coming in a different box without any hint of the Massachusetts-based shoe company.