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Jordan 5 Green Bean: Shine Bright

While you might think Jordan brand would want to bury the Green Bean like so many other failed colorways, they seem to have a soft spot for them. First, they were one of the major influences on the “What The” Jordan 5s from 2020. Then, Jordan brand announces they were re-releasing them. With them currently sitting around retail, should you pick up a pair? Let’s dive in.

Jordan 5 “Bel Air Alternate”: Worthy of the Fresh Prince?

When you think of the early 1990’s, there are a few things that stand out. For me, examples include the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Ecto Cooler, and the Jordan 5. While you’re probably never going to get that Ecto Cooler you’ve been wishing for, the Jordan 5 Bel Air Alternate aims to combine the other two and give you that nostalgia hit that you’ve been looking for.