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New Balance 992 Seersucker: A Lot of Shoe for a Lot of Money

The New Balance 992 Seersucker, also known as the 992NT or Blue Teal Rose, is one of the flagship shoes in the brand’s Made-in-America line. This line is one of the things that really sets New Balance apart. Sure, there are Nikes or Adidas that we all appreciate, but New Balance is the only brand making sneakers that are both making sneakers in countries with high labor standards, and making sneakers that carry some hype.

New Balance 992 “Rewind”: Out of the Box

Here at 100wears there are a few recurring themes on shoes we like. Generally, they are made with higher end materials, are assembled in the United States, and often have a hit of 90’s nostalgia to them. When I heard that there was a pair of sneakers coming that met all these criteria – and from a local sneaker store no less – I knew that I had to pick up a pair. Is YCMC’s New Balance 992 Rewind worth it?