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The Tassel Loafer Guide: What You Need to Know

With so much ate being thrown towards the loafer, it’s a testament to just how good they can look that tassel loafers are still as popular as they are. Just about every respected shoe brand makes a tassel loafer. From Edward Green to Sperry, there is a tassel loafer made for every price point. In spite of the push back, the tassel loafer has never disappeared from use.

J Crew Ludlow Tassel Loafers: Out of the Box

If you had asked me a few months what I thought of the J Crew Ludlow line of shoes, I would have responded with the same way I think about the Ludlow line of clothes. That is, a mall brand that sells affordable options. Great for most people, but not the enthusiast’s choice. However, then rumors began to fly that same factory that makes Grant Stone makes these. With the nearly ubiquitous sales, the possibility of getting Grant Stone quality for mall brand money was too tempting to pass up, and I placed an order for these J Crew Ludlow Tassel Loafers.