Long Term Review

Adidas Ultraboost 21: Long Term Follow Up

You might be tempted to pick a pair of 21s at this discount price, but should you? Today, we’re going to look at the Adidas Ultraboost 21 after 100 wears, and 100 miles. This pair has seen everything from runs both outside and on treadmills, casual wear, vacations, and more. How did they hold up? Let’s find out.

Alden Indy 405: Are They Really Worth $600?

The Alden Indy is a boot that needs no introduction. It’s been a staple in Alden’s line up for so long that nobody seems to be certain on exactly when they first released it. The only reference to its history on Alden’s website is that it uses the “Foot Balance” system introduced before the 1970s.

T.B. Phelps Weekender: A Different Take on a Classic

100wears first took a look at the T.B. Phelps Weekender back in July. It seemed like the Weekender used some great materials, but opted for a few things that I wasn’t sure were going to hold up in the long term. This pair have now been worn around 100 times, and have seen more than 100 miles. They really have seen it all, from nice sunny days, to being absolutely soaked through and mud caked after being caught in a hurricane. How did they hold up? Let’s dive in.

New Balance 992 Seersucker: A Lot of Shoe for a Lot of Money

The New Balance 992 Seersucker, also known as the 992NT or Blue Teal Rose, is one of the flagship shoes in the brand’s Made-in-America line. This line is one of the things that really sets New Balance apart. Sure, there are Nikes or Adidas that we all appreciate, but New Balance is the only brand making sneakers that are both making sneakers in countries with high labor standards, and making sneakers that carry some hype.

Rancourt Read Boat Shoe: Are they still worth it?

We first took a look at the Rancourt Read Boat Shoe back in November of 2020. Back then, we noted that this shoe was a classic design, but there were a few flaws that kept them from being perfect. Since then, these shoes have been worn 100 times and more than 100 miles. Let’s see if those concerns grew, or if they were blown out of proportion.