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Best Shoe and Boot Deals – Cyber Monday 2022

UPDATE: Alright everyone, calling it a wrap here. I’ll leave these up for companies that keep their sales active, but will no longer be regularly updating the post. Hope you got something good! If you’re looking for deals in 2023, check out the new article here:

It is, once again, that time of the year. Black Friday sales have started to pop up, and offer a chance to save a bit more on that pair you’ve had your eyes on. We’ll be tracking all the deals we can find here on this page, updating it regularly as more get posted. [Last Updated: 11/28/2022]

See one I missed, or having a sale yourself? Shoot me an email at or send me a message over on Instagram and I’ll get you added below.

By the way, some (but not all) of the links below are affiliate links. These don’t impact the price you pay, and help keep things running here at 100wears. When compiling this list, best price always comes first – even if that means going with a store 100wears doesn’t partner with.

Alden Cyber Monday

The Shoe Mart is currently running $25 off all Alden Seconds using code BF2022. You’ll need an account to access, so no direct linking, but this is as good as it gets for Alden pricing without finding a glitch.


Indy boots come out to $374, Shell Cordovan can be had for $484. though, as a reminder these are seconds. While Alden still tends to be fairly good with the QC even here, there will be minor flaws. Returns are allowed, but they will be on your dime so know your sizing ahead of time!

Allen Edmonds Cyber Monday

Allen Edmonds is doing something a bit different for Black Friday this year [Update: they are also holding a regular sale too, starting 11/24]

Rather than offering OK discounts on everything, Allen Edmonds is offering substantial discounts on a few select products. All shoes included are priced at $199, all boots for $249. It isn’t just the weird models nobody wants either, notably the fifth avenue is available for $199 in a variety of make ups. I’ve linked the Walnut with a Dainite outsole, but if you click around there are around 8 different make ups available in a full size run.

I’ve expressed concern about Allen Edmonds quality in the past, but that is at their nearly $500 MSRP. Priced at $200, these are perfect for someone looking for a pair of shoes that they can wear to the office without stressing too much.

Blundstone Cyber Monday

Blundstone isn’t known for going on sale all that often, but Stag Provisions is currently running 20% off on all their Blundstone models.

Blundstone 500 in Brown; Credit Stag Provisions

If I were picking up a pair, I’d likely go for their 500 Original in Stout Brown, which comes to $160 in the current sale. you can also get the 1615, a Dark Olive Suede, or the 510, an all-Black version. Pricing doesn’t change based on model.

Cobbler Union Cyber Monday

Cobber Union has started up their Black Friday sale early this year. No specific percentage off, and discounts range from about 20% to close to 50%. Sizing availability is hit or miss, but a few cool items are the Uno Vintage Cognac Sneaker for $165, their Chukka in Utah for $295, or the very Trickers-esque Winston in Mustard Calf for $315.

Easy Moc Cyber Monday

Nordstrom currently has two make ups of Easy Mocs for just $103 and $123 [Now 123 and 162]! Sizing is limited, as is color options, but at this price it’s hard to beat.

Easy Moc “Cozy Moc”; Credit Huckberry

Alternatively, Huckberry has a suede pair in a full size run for around 25% off, bringing the price to $208. You can also get a shearling-lined “Cozy Moc” for a similar amount off, costing $228. Finally, their camp moc – known as the “Trooper Moc” – comes in at just $165.

If none of those make ups fit what you’re looking for, has 20% off sitewide. I think the pick of the litter here is the buckle moc – not available anywhere else.


If you’re wondering if the Easy Moc is for you, you can check out the 100wears review here.

Grant Stone Cyber Monday

Grant Stone is holding their once yearly sale, starting 11/15. With a code that I love – ALWAYSLOAFERSEASON – you can get 20% off any order over $400.

My own pair of Grant Stone Tassel Loafers

Lots of really great options to pick from, though most will require you to add a few dollars of accessories to hit the $400 minimum. Of course, first and foremost I have to recommend their tassel loafers for $313. A full review on the loafer can be found here.

Grant Stone Field Boot; Credit Grant Stone

Unlike previous years, their limited releases are included. My pick of the group woild be the Cap Toe Boot in Forest Kudu for just under $300 – in fact it was my pick, and a review is coming any day. Of course, their standard lines are also part of the sale. The Diesel Boot in Color 8 comes in at just over $300, and is an extremely versatile option. If you’re looking for something more rugged, the Field Boot in Veg-tanned leather comes out to the same price.

Helm Boots Cyber Monday

Helm Boots is currently offering 25 percent off sitewide, no code needed.


Personally, I would suggest taking a look at the Zind for $221. The design matches perfectly with Helm’s more formal last shape. If you want something more casual, the wedge-soled Lou comes in at just under $200.

Helm Zind; Credit Helm

Also, in spite of the name, Helm doesn’t offer just boots. Their Xandar sneaker comes in at $131 – I particularly like the Wheat colorway. The discount does apply site-wide, so if you’re looking to pick up some polish or VSC, check out their accessories tab.

Hender Scheme Cyber Monday

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co currently has 3 Hender Scheme Models on sale for 20% off. If you’ve never heard of Hender Scheme before, prepared to be absolutely wowed when you see classic sneaker designs done with natural veg tanned leather. Then prepared to be absolutely wowed by the price.

In all seriousness, we’ve all wondered how we can get the classic sneaker style but with good materials and good labor conditions. Hender Scheme is it. Still not cheap, but the “Manual Industrial 10” is still less than the resale of a lot of Jordan 4 colorways at $639.

You can also find the absolutely not Air Force 1 inspired “Manual Industrial 01” (priced at $615) and the totally not Timberland “Manual Industrial 14” ($679).


Jay Butler Cyber Monday

Jay Butler is currently running 20% off site-wide using code JBBF2022. This discount is even more impressive considering their loafers are basically inflation-proof. The brand makes three kinds of loafers – the Cromwell Penny, the Milbank Bit, and the Shipley Tie. Each of these are priced at $159.

It’s hard to find much better value at that price point. Since my review, Jay Butler has also started to offer EE-width models as well.

Jay Butler Milbank in Alligator; Credit Jay Butler

If you’re feeling a bit flush, Jay Butler does have alligator and ostrich options as well, though they will cost a lot more than $159!

JK Boots Cyber Monday

JK Boots is offering two sales this Black Friday – 10% off all in-stock boots using code BF22, or 15% off any custom order using code CUSTOM22.

That might seem a little backwards, but I don’t think anyone is complaining about getting a custom pair for an additional discount. For me, I’d get an O.T. custom made to my liking for $505.


Nicks Boots Cyber Monday

Nicks Handmade Boots has launched their full Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. You’ll be able to get a 10% discount on their 360-degree stitchdown models – the Ridgeline, Tactical, and Waterwork Boots. Alternatively, you can also get 10% off all in-stock boots. No code required. Edit: Nicks has added their Chelsea now as well, coming in at just over $500, this could be a great pick up.

My pick would be the Ridgeline Hiking Boot, but the Tactical Boot in tan rough out definitely has a cool vibe.

Nicks Ridgeline Hiking Boot; Credit: Nicks Handmade Boots

Another Nicks offering you should be aware of is the recently announced “Cutter’s Choice” Builder Pro. The idea here is that if you let Nicks pick the leather, you get to jump to the front of the line and save a few bucks. As someone who is currently 20 weeks wait time into my own Nicks order that sure sounds nice! The price comes out to $560. You do get to pick your leather preference, it’s just not guaranteed.

Oak Street Bootmakers Cyber Monday

Oak Street Bootmakers is holding an “up to” 30% off sale on their website – though the minimum amount is 20%, so it’ll all be pretty close. OSB also decided to throw a curve ball by including a 40% off section in their “up to” 30% off sale. Not that I’m complaining.

Oak Street Bootmakers Hand-Lasted; Credit Oak Street Bootmakers

I’d definitely suggest checking out their new hand-lasted line, with prices ranging from $373 to $388. If you’re not familiar with hand lasting, it’s when a shoe-maker stretches the leather of the boot over the wooden shape by hand rather than using a machine. Hand lasting is labor intensive and time consuming, so not a lot of places do it. Of course, hand lasting is mostly about owning something cool, if you’re focusing more on getting the lowest price, Oak Street Bootmakers is still offering the machine lasted versions, for around $320-340.

Oak Street Bootmaker Camp Moc in Roughout; Credit Oak Street Bootmakers

If boots are not your thing, I’ll never not recommend their Camp Moc in natural rough out (available in pre-order for $223). Even 7 years on, I still regret not keeping the pair I had when they were a Bonobos-exclusive collab.

Quoddy Cyber Monday

Quoddy is having a 25% off all in stock pairs using code 25OFFIS. The brand has really branched out since the last time I looked at their website a few months ago and now have sneakers, duck boots, umbrellas, and more.

Quoddy Blucher, Credit Quoddy

Still, my suggestion would be to stick to the classics. Their Bluchers, Camp Mocs, and Boat Shoes are the ones to go with and each can be had for $176 during this sale. If you’re looking for a review of the Bluchers, click here.

R.M. Williams Cyber Monday

Looking to pick up a pair of R.M. Williams? Believe it or not, Amazon has the best deal on them at the moment. Both the Comfort Turnout – my personal preference – as well as the Comfort Craftsman are both currently on sale for $404. In fact, the whole line is. Prefer Suede? They’ve got it. Black? That too. Want a leather outsole on your Craftsman? They have that too!

R.M. Williams Craftsman; Credit Amazon

I adore my Comfort Turnout, check out the review here. In fact, I like it so much I picked up the leather-soled Craftsman for myself.

Rancourt Cyber Monday

Rancourt is offering 15% off all non-sale items using code HOLIDAY22 offering 25% off sitewide using code BFCM22. The boys in Lewiston doesn’t offer many sales, and even fewer on all items. If there is something that catches your eye, now is the time. While I think they are cut a bit tall, it’s hard to argue that their Beefroll Pennys with the LH sole are not an absolute classic. You can also get a Pinch Penny in shell cordovan for well under $600, which is extremely tempting.

Rancourt “Coggins Sawtooth” Image from Huckberry

Huckberry is offering significant discounts on two exclusive make ups. Their Ranger Moc, the “Coggins Sawtooth” comes in Natty Chromexcel and the absolutely wonderful Lacte Havea outsole, and is priced at $267. Alternatively, their Traveler Ranger Moc, also with a LH sole, in the wild Noix Kudu is on sale for just $199, though sizing is limited.

Red Wing Cyber Monday

Red Wing is notorious for trying to get brands who put their boots on sale to take them down, so please be aware any sale listed here could end at any moment!

Red Wing 1907; Credit Franklin and Poe

Franklin and Poe is running 15% off site wide using code WILDTURKEY22, including their entire Red Wing Line. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the slightly upgraded Moc Toe the 1907, which you can get for just over $250. If you want a more classic style, the original 875 is also available for slightly less. Another really cool option is the Rough Neck – a moc toe with a thick lugged sole, also priced less.

Of course, if the Iron Ranger is also available. Priced at $280, you can opt for the Copper Rough and Tough or Amber Harness.

Truman Boot Co Cyber Monday

Truman is offering an “End of Year Sale” on all in-stock boots being priced at 20% off. Discount is reflected in cart. While I have my concerns with Truman’s quality, unlike previous sales these are not seconds, and they are not final sale. If you end up getting one that doesn’t look right, you can return them.

Sizing is extremely limited with most make ups only available in a single size, but there are some really interesting options. Truman now has a full size run available in 10 different leathers ranging from blues and greens to tans and browns. Priced at $322, this is pretty appealing, though they are final sale.

Truman is also offering a Seconds sale. Sizing is extremely limited, with only a handful of boots available in total.

Unmarked Boots Cyber Monday

Unmarked, the Mexican-made boot brand, is having a 25% off site-wide deal. If you are not familiar, they are a bit Yuketen-like, but without quite the eye watering price tag. A few favorites of mine are the Archie Boots for $277, the really cool natural veg tanned Hunter for $300, or the Chelsea Toro for $232.

Unmarked Archie Boot; Credit Unmarked

They also carry a number of sneakers with some pretty wild designs. A lot of them require thought to wear, but these taco-themed sneakers for $94 are kind of cool.

Viberg Cyber Monday

Viberg Boot - Since 1931 – VIBERG

While not a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, Brooklyn Clothing Co has a few Viberg Service Boots on sale for some really great pricing. Sizing is pretty limited, but there are Horsehide boots for under $500, along with some Waxed Veldt for the same price.

Color 8 with the Black Tongue! Image from Brooklyn Clothing Co

Brooklyn Clothing Co also consistently has their Vibergs priced less than other brands. Even at full price, their Chromexcel Service Boots (Natty, Color 8, Brown) are around $100 less than what most other places charge – more than a 15% savings.

Franklin and Poe are running 15 using code WILDTURKEY22. They don’t have a ton of Vibergs, but what they have are real stunners. You can find the Marrone Sego Horseleather for under $700, or the Janus Calf Suede for $18 less.

For those in the EU, Cultizm is offering 25% off Vibergs using the code BW25 at checkout. Non-EU folks can also get VAT taken off – though prices in the EU start off higher so that comes out to a bit of a wash for those of us in North america.

Huckberry is currently offering 15% off site-wide, including their Vibergs, only on 11/17. While it currently works on Vibergs, they are not listed in the included brands so they could be removed at any time. Huckberry has 3 Vibergs – all Scout models and all the same price – $603. Options include the Stitchdown make up in Potato Eco Veg Suede, and Goodyear Welted versions in Rock Eco Veg Suede, and Camel Waxed Kudu. [Expired!]

Wesco Cyber Monday

Iron Heart America has a sale on Wesco Boots – a pretty rare thing! They have their Foot Patrol in three different make ups, all priced at $555. The Rough-Out version can be found in either a 430 mini-lug sole or the 269 cowboy sole. My choice, if they have your size, is the Color 8 Chromexcel.

Image from Iron Heart USA

As I mentioned above, Wescos rarely go on sale. Sizes are going pretty quick.

White’s Boots Cyber Monday

Like the Viberg sale above, it isn’t Black Friday / Cyber Monday specific, but Brooklyn Clothing Co has a few White’s Boots on sale for really appealing prices. Even better, you won’t need to wait 5 months to get them. Sizing is limited to just 7.5 and 8, but they have a Stevens Boot in a really cool Natty Roughout for $458, and an MP in Yuma Gaucho for $459. If you’re a 10.5, you can also take a look at the Stevens in Black CXL for $447.

White’s themselves are offering anywhere from 10 to 40% off their boots – though there is a lot more in the 10-20% range than the 40% range. Unlike last year, there are several models that are excluded. In fact, the only ones that feature their excellent rolled welt construction are the MPs for $560. That being said, I adore my MPs – so maybe picking up a pair isn’t a bad idea.

If the selection at White’s doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, Bakers has all of their White’s for 20% off. Of course, their Bounty Hunter is an obvious choice, priced at $559 for regular leathers or $679 for horsehide.

Huckberry is currently offering 15% off site-wide, including their Whites, only on 11/17. While it currently works with their White’s, the brand is also listed as excluded from the sale – so it could end at any time. My suggestion is the 350 Cruiser for $573 (available in both Red Dog Rough Out and Black Rough Out). They also have the Rambler in Brown Rough Out for $663, and the Fire Hybrid in Brown Rough Out for $518. [Expired!]