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Adidas Stan Smith Consortium: SNS 20th Anniversary

The Adidas Stan Smith has a long and storied history. I won’t belabor it since we already went into it in our Stan Smith Recon review from a little while back, but in short, this sneaker has been everything from the top of the line in athletic wear, a streetwear icon, a J. Crew staple, and even presidential footwear. However, what are you going to do when everyone already has a pair? Look into a collaboration like this one with Senakers N Stuff. By the way, if you didn’t know, Adidas calls their collabs the Consortium line, meaning this sneaker is the Stan Smith Consortium X SNS.

Adidas Stan Smith Recon: Out of the Box

Five years ago, if you went on most of the men’s fashion forums and asked which classic white sneaker you should buy you would have received one answer – the Adidas Stan Smith. Using google to search reddit, you come up with 63,000 posts mentioning them. While the hype has died down a bit, it’s hard to argue the impact this one sneaker has had.