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Nike Dunk Low Hyper Cobalt: Out of the Box

If I told you to picture a Peter Moore-designed shoe that came out to the public in 1985, the Nike Dunk Low is probably not the first one that comes to mind. Of course, the Jordan 1 is likely the first, but the Dunk High and others are more often thought of as the retro sneakers from that year. However, looking at the releases over the past year or so, Nike has sold far more Dunk Lows than just about any other hyped sneaker. And every time they’ve sold out, including this Nike Dunk Low Hyper Cobalt pair.

Jordan 1 Low vs. Dunk Low: What’s the Difference?

When you picture a retro Jordan 1 or a non-SB Dunk in your head, they both probably have one thing in common: they are high tops. The 1980’s and high-top Nike basketball shoes are synonymous. However, when both of these shoes launched, the highs dropped next to lows. It’s fair to say the lows have just as much claim to being an OG retro as any high. That being said, the Dunk Low is pretty much at maximum hype right now, and the Jordan 1 sits everywhere. You might be asking: what’s the difference?