Tassel Loafers

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The Tassel Loafer Guide: What You Need to Know

With so much ate being thrown towards the loafer, it’s a testament to just how good they can look that tassel loafers are still as popular as they are. Just about every respected shoe brand makes a tassel loafer. From Edward Green to Sperry, there is a tassel loafer made for every price point. In spite of the push back, the tassel loafer has never disappeared from use.

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Grant Stone Tassel Loafer: A Perfect Combination?

Today, Grant Stone is most associated with their boots. That’s always struck me as a bit unfortunate. With my own passion for tassel loafers, I thought there might be value in doing a bit of a deeper dive into this shoe. To see – are the Tassel Loafers getting the short end of the stick? Or, should the brand shift it’s focus entirely to their boot line?